Same Day Metropolitan Taxi Truck

A metropolitan door-to-door service from 1 to 8 tonnes or 2 to 10 pallets. The driver who collects your consignment will deliver it.

Our taxi trucks not only come in a range of vehicle sizes but also come in a variety of different body types:

  1. Open trap tops/flat tops
    Perfect for transporting Chep, Loscom or plain palletised goods
    Lengths of steel, scaffolding or timber, rolls of carpet, automotive products
  2. Open tray tops/flat tops gates on all 3 sides of the tray
    As for 1. above plus any loose items
  3. Pantechs with a rear roller door or banr doors
    Provides additional security and weather protection
    Perfect for electrical goods, computers, fashion garment bags
  4. Tautliners or curtain sided trucks
    Perfect for pharmaceutical products, plastics, paper products, dry foods, fresh produce, beverages, corrugated packaging, sporting goods

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