Economy Road Bulk Pallets

Economy Road is a standby/non urgent freight service designed for the transport of bulk pallets and skids only at a deep discount rate, door-to-door. The service is not available for small items, cartons or parcels. Each pallet or skid must not exceed 1000kg in dead weight and must not exceed 120cm width, 120cm breadth and 180cm height. Each pallet must be shrunk wrapped or the contents strapped down securely. A forklift must be made available at both the pickup and the delivery points. Transit times will vary from 2-5 working days for short haul destinations to 5-10+ working days for long haul destinations.

If a forklift cannot be made available at either end, we can supply a tailgated truck for an additional charge. A tailgated truck is simply a large vehicle which has an hydraulic tray on the rear which lowers to the ground, allowing pallets to be rolled on and off the tray via a hand operated pallet jack.

Send us the details of your consignment if you would like a quote for this additional service. Otherwise, your pallets may be dropped off and/or collected from the local depot for no additional charge. The Economy Road service for bulk pallets can be used to and from all capital cities, plus to and from a selected range of regional centres across Australia.

  • Where can I use the Economy Road Service to send pallets/skids from and to?