What makes us different?

The top 10 reasons why you should choose Realtimeexpress:

1. We offer superior value for money

By managing your bookings and enquiries online, we are able to strip out a lot of indirect costs, such as a call centre, customer service department, administration. We are then able to pass these cost savings on to you in the form of lower shipping prices.

2. We represent the future of shipping

By embracing the latest technology and the most state of the art logistic systems, we massively outpace our competitors. We focus on the constant and never ending improvement of our business, which means we are a highly compelling alternative in the marketplace. It also means we are more innovative in both the services we offer and the manner we deliver them.

3. We are more flexible than our competitors, more personal and we care

We value our relationships with our customers; we will not treat you like a number. We will be the first to tell you that we are not perfect. We can make mistakes and not all deliveries will run smoothly. This doesn't mean we don't care. We will do everything possible to ensure your experiences with us are rewarding.

Our people are some of the most experienced and dynamic in the industry. We attract drivers and staff who are passionate about delivering value to their customers. We love challenges and will rise to the occasion whenever possible.

We will always strive to exceed the expectations of our customers as we value our relationships with them.

We believe in the values of flexibility, determination, consistency, dependability and loyalty.

4. We are a family owned and run business

We believe our core values provide us a unique market advantage, as most of our competitors are publicly owned and beholden to shareholders and unions. We do not have a hierarchical management structure; we run a tight close-knit team of people dedicated to looking after our customers.

Our Mission is to provide more value than any of our competitors.

5. We offer a complete supply chain solution

We can provide our customers with a complete end-to-end solution, from inventory management, storage and order fulfilment right through to distribution and delivery. We offer you more options and choices than our competitors.

Click here to email us to ask how we can save you money and improve efficiency.

6. We specialize in supporting small business

We are the champions of small business. Our favourite occupation is turning small businesses into large ones! We offer small business access to the same deep discount rates that traditionally large companies only enjoy. Use the Quick Quote function on the Home Page for an instant quote. Our best rates are always online.

We specialize in private address deliveries.We are more than happy to accept bookings from private individuals and once off shipments.

7. Instant online services: Get started in seconds

You don't need an account to use us. Everything you need to book and manage your courier requirements is available to you on this website. You can create an account online in seconds or you can book once off shipments at the same low rate.

8. We are financially strong

Our company boasts very little debt. This is because we reinvest over 90% of our profits back into our businesses: into new depots, new equipment, new technology.

9. Our core values make us unstoppable

We have an immovable belief in our own potential and our core values. We have no doubt in our ability to grow our business, provide more value for our customers and outpace our competitors. It is this inner strength that enables us to turn challenges into massive wins and also makes us an unstoppable force in the logistics industry.

10. We offer complimentary insurance on every shipment

$100 transit cover is added automatically to your booking, free of charge. This can be scaled up should you need more cover.

View our insurance page for more details.